Eco PainEze

Formulated with powerful natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to effectively target pain. 

The active ingredient of Capsicum is proven through clinical trials as an effective treatment of muscle and back pain. (Source: Arzneim-Forsch./Drug Res. 51).

Eco PainEze. The natural way.

Natural Therapeutic Pain Relief

This product is formulated with powerful essential oils that effectively target pain and relax muscles naturally. Easy and convenient to use. One patch can provide deep pain relief for up to 8 hours. Made from ultra thin, flexible and breathable fabric.

For temporary relief of aches & pains of muscles and joints associated with; Back Pain | Muscular Aches | Rheumatism and Arthritis | Sciatica | Joint Stiffness | Sports Injuries | Sprains and Strains |

Active Ingredients:
Camphor 80mg, Menthol 24mg, Capsicum 12.5mg, Eucalyptus 6.8mg

Inactive ingredients:
Caoutchouc (natural rubber), Borneol, Zinc Oxide, Cotton, Polyester, Resin.

ARTG No. 236104

How do they work ? 

The active ingredient Capsicum is a powerful local stimulant & when used externally, it stimulates blood flow, reduces muscle spasms & relieves discomfort by decreasing the transmission of pain signals to the brain. 

Capsicum relaxes the muscles by increasing the blood flow, transport of oxygen & nutrients to the muscles, helping to heal the damaged tissues. 

The heat derived from the active ingredients in Eco PainEze facilitate the stretching of soft tissues and muscles. This decreases stiffness, increases flexibility and overall feeling of comfort.


Apply the patch where needed and the powerful medicated ingredients help ease the pain, lasting up to 8 hours of relief.

If pain persists please contact your health care professional.

Eco Pain Relief is 100% Nautral, GMP, TGA Listed Product, 100% Vegan, Recyclable. No Animal Testing. 

EcoSlim™ | Eco PainEze™ | Dedicated to natural weight loss, pain relief and the restoration of health and wellness. 

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