Chakra Lotus Flower Tea Light Holder - Capiz Shell - 6th Chakra

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A beautiful lotus flower tea light candle holder in indigo/dark blue (purple) with silver/gold highlights. Lovingly made from Capiz shells. Makes a stunning candle holder for your tea lights and meditation space. The lotus blossom is linked to spiritual enlightenment and they symbolise coming from darkness to light, ignorance into knowledge. The Lotus flower also symbolises the 7 energy centres in the human body, the chakras.

The indigo/dark blue colour represents the 6th Chakra (Brow/Third Eye - Ajna). 
Approx 13.5cm wide. 

Each piece is unique and the colour will vary slightly with each piece. Capiz shell is a type of Oyster (also known as the Windowpane Oyster) that can be found abundantly in the coastal waters of the Philippines and near India.