Ear Candles CRYSTALS Pack 10 - 5 Pairs - Detox Blend - Organic

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Crystals Ear Candles - General Detox Therapy

Infused with
vertiver, cedar, patchouli, ylang-ylang, pine, tea tree, lemon, roman chamomile, anise, limet  and dissolved ground crystals.

As the unique essential oil aroma from the ear candle envelopes the room a quite crackling can be heard within the ear and a pleasant heat will ensure deeper relaxation. Listening to your favourite relaxing music during a treatment will create abundance to the senses that will add a new dimension of experience to your treatment.

Ear Candling is based on century old traditions, combine these traditions with modern therapies such as aromatherapy and music therapy to create a greater feeling of relaxation for your mind, body and spirit.

Naturhelix Crystals Ear Candles offer a holistic wellness experience to be enjoyed in your home, which is especially suited to those in need of relaxation and do not have the time to visit a therapist or day spa.

Product Featrues

Handmade from cotton + organic beeswax, infused with our unique crystals blend and beautifullly coloured to reflect its natual source
Colour - Lilac
Safety features include a gauze filter, a marker line + flame proof disc
Size approximately 23 cm, burning time 10-12 minutes each ear
Each pack contains FULL Colour Instructions and Protective Disc
Recommended by authors of the book Ear Candling the Essential Guide (Mary Dalgelish and Lesley Hart) our UK Distributors

Note always read the label and DO NOT preform Ear Candling on your own