Specialised Ear Candles for Children Pack 10 - 5 Pairs - Chamomile

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These specialised ear candles for children in vibrant rainbow colours are made from natural ingredients, e.g. organic beeswax, cotton and infused with the essential oil chamomile, known for its soothing properties - its gentle quality being ideal for use on children.

They are smaller in size for shorter treatments and to fit easily into children’s ears

Important features are incorporated to provide effective, comfortable treatments, including a gauze filter (preventing candle residue dropping into the ears), a marker line indicating the safe burning level, a flame-proof protective disc and clear user instructions.

Handmade from cotton + organic beeswax, infused with Chamomile Essential Oil and beautifully coloured to reflect their natural source
Colour - Rainbow
Safety features include a gauze filter, a marker line + flame proof disc
Size approximately 18 cm, burning time 8 minutes each ear
Each pack contains FULL Colour Instructions and Protective Disc
Recommended by authors of the book Ear Candling the Essential Guide (Mary Dalgelish and Lesley Hart) our UK Distributors

Note always read the label and DO NOT preform Ear Candling on your own