Treatment Cloth Certified BIO Organic Cotton

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Ear Candling Treatment Cloth (BIO) Organic

Product Description

Naturhelix treatment cloths are used to cover the ear around the ear during ear candling sessions to promote comfort, safety and hygiene. They are also suitable for Chakra Body Candling treatments.

This treatment cloth is ideal for patients and therapists who regularly use candles for therapy purposes on different body parts. It facilitates perfect comfort and hygienic conditions during the ear candling therapy. The perforated hole in the middle of the cloth makes it possible that every kind of Naturhelix therapy candle can fit directly through the cloth close to the treated body part. The terrycloth material provides a comfortable skin contact. The same 100% pure organic certified material allows you an eco-sensitive approach to the daily candle therapy. Therefore this treatment cloth is ecologically proven and suitable for repeated use as well as repeated washing. This means a touch of green compromise between comfort and functionality. 

Product Features

  • Suitable for Ear Candling and Chakra Body Candle Sessions
  • Enhances comfort and hygiene
  • Made from 100% Organic (Bio) Cotton
  • Shaped hole for placing over the ear or body
  • Measures approximately 31 x 31 cm
  • Machine Washable